Should You Buy Facebook Page Likes?


Facebook is the most popular social network, where a promoted page has potentially limitless opportunities in terms of earnings. Buy like facebook page. At a minimum, it is the largest network platform for distributing KP (goods, services, whatever). As a maximum, a popular page, even a purely informational one, can simply place paid advertising.

From the point of view of promotion methods, there are many important SMM tools, for example, the promotion of subscribers on Facebook. And with such services, everything is more or less simple, because the more subscribers – the higher the popularity of the group and, accordingly, the more attention it attracts. It’s a chain reaction, especially if you buy Facebook subscribers in bulk.

Many people have questions about likes – do I need to wind them up? In fact, the answer is obvious – you definitely need, it will tell you all Msic or Eonic from experience, even a little. And to explain the need for such a cheat is quite simple:

Content is the basis of promotion. But even the most interesting and unique posts can easily be lost among hundreds of thousands of equally interesting and unique posts. Therefore, they need to stand out, to build up from the competition, and immediately, because the news feed will not wait for anyone.

The easiest and most effective way to do this (in the sense of standing out) is to get likes. Because if a person likes a post, it means that the post is interesting. The liked post is immediately displayed in the news feed of this person and then incrementally.

Posts with the highest number of likes have priority in search results. They spread faster among the target audience, because they are liked directly by your CA and automatically tell your contacts about this news.

But there is another, much more important aspect. It is based on the principle of «Social proof». This is a psychological principle that has been used in the practice of global management for a couple of thousand years, and it says that people always choose what is more popular.

Imagine that you have two posts on the same topic, but one has three hundred likes, and the other has thirty. It is obvious which one you choose. And this is logical, it works always and everywhere. That is why getting likes on Facebook is a popular and necessary service.

Of course, there are nuances. For example, you need to understand that hyped likes will not organically expand the audience specifically among your current subscribers. And among their contacts, they will not spread this news, because the cheat will be made by bots.

No matter what anyone tells you, no SMM service can physically have several thousand or even hundreds of employees to provide a large-scale cheat. Therefore, if you order a service, say, cheating friends on Facebook, and you are told that it will be real people, then you are simply being deceived in an attempt to justify the inflated price tag.

But in fact, in this case, we do not need real people, because the purpose of such a cheat is to a) immediately build up from the competition; b) make sure that the «Social proof»trigger works. Both tasks are performed by bots, as they say, one hundred percent.

What you should not forget when you get likes

It is obvious that likes are only generated for targeted content. That is, there is simply no point in increasing the number of» hearts » under the old photo in the community archive. Usually we are talking about current posts in the news feed. But it’s not uncommon for young bands to order more likes and think they’ve got their hands on the secret of success, and then, when the audience is almost not growing, they bite their elbows, not understanding what the problem is.


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